Catch cans

Aluminium Catch cans designed for the Ford Falcon BA – BF model.

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  • Catch cans

    Ford BA BF FG FGX Catch Can Street Kit (Rubber Hose)


    Benefits of fitting our Catch Cans:

    •Cleaner combustion

    •Prevent oil contamination in intercooler piping.
    •Prevent oil from coating intake and turbo charger
    •Rewashable air filter.

  • Catch cans

    Ford BA BF FG FGX Catch Can Race Kit (Braided Hose)


    Kit includes:

    1 X AN8 Catch Can
    2 X Billet Rocker Cover Adapters for BA BF FG’s
    2 X Billet Hose Separators
    1 X Braided Hose Kit With Full Flow Fittings

  • Catch cans

    Rocker Cover Breather Adapter Fittings AN-8 Push In Ford Barra BA BF FG -8AN BLACK Turbo XR6

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