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Turbochargers, turbocharger accessories, dump pipe, turboback and catback exhausts for the Ford Falcon FG – FGX model

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  • Engine & Components

    Ford FG XR6 Turbo Billet Oil Feed Line Kit


    Replaces the factory line and filter that is notoriously known for causing turbo failures.

    Replaces the factory line with a new oil filter line located in front of the engine to allow for the 15,000 oil feed line filter service intervals

  • Engine & Components

    Turbo Oil & Water Feed Twin Hanger Bracket suit Ford Falcon BA BF FG FGX


    Secure the turbo oil and water feed lines from falling onto the drive belt.

    This bracket is mounted to the front of the BARRA motors.

    Comes with twin bracket holder for both oil and water lines.

    Painted in ripple black and laser etched logo.

  • Engine & Components

    Ford BA BF FG FGX Falcon Braided Turbo Water line kit

  • Engine & Components

    ANTZ 6784 GTX3584RS Ball Bearing Turbo Turbocharger 1.06 AR

  • Ford FG -FGX (2008-2016)

    FG FGX Ford Falcon 4″ Down Pipe & 100 Cell Cat STAINLESS STEEL XR6 Turbo FPV F6 Brushed Finish Dump

  • Engine & Components

    Ford TURBOSMART XR6 Turbo BA BF FG FGX 12 PSI Internal Wastegate Actuator FPV

  • Ford FG -FGX (2008-2016)

    Ford FG Turbo Falcon Bolt On 100 CPSI 3″ High Flow Cat Pipe Bolt On Stainless Steel

  • Ford FG -FGX (2008-2016)

    Ford FG FGX 4″ inch Turbo Back STAINLESS STEEL Exhaust System – Falcon Sedan Models Only

  • Ford FG -FGX (2008-2016)

    Ford FG FGX Turbo 4″ inch Polished Catback Stainless Steel 304 Exhaust System – Falcon Sedan Models only

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