Ford BA BF FG FGX Catch Can Street Kit (Rubber Hose)


Benefits of fitting our Catch Cans:

•Cleaner combustion

•Prevent oil contamination in intercooler piping.
•Prevent oil from coating intake and turbo charger
•Rewashable air filter.

ANTZ-xr6cc1 ,

Benefits of fitting our Catch Cans:

•Cleaner combustion✔️

•Prevent oil contamination in intercooler piping.✔️
•Prevent oil from coating intake and turbo charger✔️
•Washable air filter.✔️


Description: Having a catch can is incredibly important for longevity in turbo charged vehicles and performance, preventing oil vapours from entering your intake and lowering the octane of fuel, our catch can are designed to work helping prevent blow by, this is when with boosted motors, oil passes through the motor and begins coating inside your turbo and inter cooler piping, ultimately decreasing in engine performance and harming your turbocharger.
Our catch can kits provide heat resistance hoses to withstand pressure and high-temp heat generated from the engine.



LOOKING FOR INSTRUCTIONS? Please see out fitting guides page

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