Bosch 1250cc Suit R35 GTR Injector Kit


antz-r35-1250cc ,

Genuine Bosch injectors


Adapters included to suit Nissa R35 GTR

Nominal Flow Rate: 1370cc / min @ 400 kPa / 4 Bar

Nominal Flow Rate: 1250cc / min @ 300 kPa / 3 Bar

Connector: EV1 Bosch

Length: 38mm O-Ring – O-Ring

Impedance: 12 Ohms

Compatible Fuels: Pump Fuels 95/98, Race Fuels, Alcohols, All known Ethanol Blends including E85



6 x Genuine Bosch 1250cc Injectors to suit R35 GTR

Adapters included.


Nissan R35 GTR VR38DETT



Suitable for FBO & Stage 2 GTR’s full exhaust, tune, intakes, pumps running either 98ron fuel or E85

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