Ford BA BF FG External Wastegate Kit – Option 1





The BA/BF and FG/FGX Falcon turbo series come factory with internal wastegates that require modification for a better boost control should you decide on tuning your vehicle.

The ANTZ ‘stealth’ external wastegate kit is the solution to providing better control of the boost pressure in your turbocharged Falcon as well as greatly enhancing the noise output of your vehicle.
These are designed to allow the factory heat shield to be reinstalled providing a factory stealth appearance for those looking for that ‘stealth’ appearance.

Combined with a Turbosmart Gen-v Hypergate 45mm, we have used our external gate kit on our FG F6 having great success in boost control, results achieved but not limited to; 539rwkw without boost creep. See video here

Benefits include:
Better boost control.
Enhance power and torque
Quicker spool time.
Better exhaust flow
Reduce backpressure.
Factory appearance

We offer two options for the Ford Falcon XR6 turbo wastegate kits;



Option 1 (this listing): 
1. External wastegate housing
2. Stainless steel screamer pipe.
3. Braided wastegate line.

Option 2: 
1. External wastegate housing.
2. Turbosmart Gen-V Hypergate 45 (Black or Blue)
3. Stainless steel screamer pipe
4. Braided wastegate line.



Ford Falcon FG Turbo XR6 / F6

Ford Falcon FGX Turbo XR6 / F6

Ford Falcon BA Turbo XR6 / F6

Ford Falcon BF Turbo XR6 / F6

All BA/BF & FG/FGX turbo models being Ute or sedan.



*You are required to bring in/post in your rear housing to be modified or purchase a turbocharger from us and we will modify the rear housing prior to sending it out.

We can send out a rear housing first, though we require a $250 refundable holding deposit which will be refunded upon the return of your old rear housing.

Please email to arrange once order has been placed
*Race/Track use only.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 22 × 32 cm
Vehicle to suit

Ford FG-FGX 45mm, Ford BA-BF 45mm

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