15Nm Direct Drive DDWB 2021 Wheel Base




Race to the starting line, armed with the CAMMUS Direct Drive wheel base, a powerhouse tailored for racers who demand excellence in their setup.
Immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding action with a formidable 15 Nm of torque delivered directly to your fingertips, courtesy of an advanced direct drive servo motor.
Blending craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology, the DDWB is meticulously crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, ensuring both durability and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.
Unleash your full potential on the track with the aid of the revolutionary CAMMUS App for Mobile and Desktop, offering unparalleled precision and control, elevating your immersion to new heights.

Install video:



4 buttons, 2 rotary buttons, 1 momentary two-way switch, 1 three-way switch.
Aluminum outer shell, active cooling fan in rear.
Maximum torque is 15Nm – Providing greater torque output
Direct Drive System – Get more sensitive and direct steering response
Servo Motor – Servo motor can realize the output of fixed angle, speed, and torque; And the servo motor control speed and position are more accurate and delicate.
Real Racing Experience – Adopting a direct drive system, a more sensitive and direct steering response can be obtained; The force feedback of the steering wheel will be more direct, faster, and closer to the real racing experience.
Plug and Play – Easy installation, quick to remove, and support diversified peripherals.
APP adjustment – More Intelligent to remote control by mobile APP adjustment.


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