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  • Ford FG -FGX

    Ford Falcon FG FGX XR6 Turbo Side Intake & Passenger Battery Relocation FULL KIT – *Special

    $ 550.00 $ 479.90

    or 4 payments of $ 119.98 with Afterpay

    Suits all FG-FGX Models (MK1 & MK2).✔️ 

    Fits factory and aftermarket intercooler piping.✔️

    Dyno is proven for better performance.✔️

    Enhances induction noise.✔️

    Durable high-quality standard. (Our kits are rust-free)✔️



    – 4″ Silicon Joiner is required for GTX/Precision turbos with the larger 4″ inlet housings, if you require a silicon joiner to suit, please let us know on check out. (Factory FG turbos run 3″)

     Benefits of using our 4″ Turbo side intakes. 

    •Dyno is proven for better acceleration and increase in power/torque.

    •Neat factory OEM look with our powder coated air box.

    •Less heat soak

    •Enhances induction noise

    •Enhances performance

    •Higher air intake flow rate

    •Re-washable pod filter.

    Suits: All FG-FGX Turbo Models: Sedan and Ute.


  • Ford FG -FGX

    Ford FG XR6 Turbo Stage 1&2 Intercooler Piping Kit – Stealth Black

    $ 349.90 $ 329.90

    or 4 payments of $ 82.48 with Afterpay

    Our intercooler piping kit is amongst a top choice for many ford enthusiast. Many reasons for this include our range of compatible intercoolers creating an intercooler package at a more affordable rate.
    Our alloy piping has been shown to flow over 500rwkw on an E85 setup with ease.
    Compatible with most Stage 1 and Stage 2 intercoolers on the market including Process West, Plazmaman and HDMI.
    RRP: $349.90
    The piping kit that punches above its price tag! Back to back dyno runs have shown to support over 500rwkw with supporting mods.
    This piping kit evidently show exceptional flow.
    Our intercooler piping kit is a replacement for the plastic OEM IC piping that is notorious for cracking or spliting when increasing boost levels.
    Made from alloy tube, mandrel bent and powder coated black, all high quality 4ply silicon joiners and hose clamps are included with sale.
    Our 4ply silicon joiners are strengthened to prevent any ballooning under boost, ensuring a smooth airflow..
    This suits all FG Sedans and utes with a turbo charged barra.
    FG XR6 Turbo/G6ET/F6 Sedan & Ute.
    FGX (Both Sedan and Ute)
    Fitting instructions are provided on our website fitting page.
     Compatible list
    – Stock FG XR6 Turbo and FG F6 Intercooler.
    – Stock FGX Turbo Intercooler
    – Plazmaman Stage 1 Intercooler
    – Process West Stage 1 intercooler
    – Process West Stage 2 and more.
    – HDI intercoolers.
    For Process West Stage 3 or Plazmaman Stage 2 and 3, you will need 2.5″ to 3″ adapters (sold seperately)
     Please message us if you have any questions
  • Ford BA -BF

    Ford BA BF FG FGX Catch Can Street Kit (Rubber Hose)

    $ 299.90 $ 239.90

    or 4 payments of $ 59.98 with Afterpay

    Benefits of fitting our Catch Cans:

    •Cleaner combustion

    •Prevent oil contamination in intercooler piping.
    •Prevent oil from coating intake and turbo charger
    •Rewashable air filter.

  • Ford FG -FGX

    Ford FG XR6 Turbo Billet Oil Feed Line Kit

    $ 189.90 $ 159.90

    or 4 payments of $ 39.98 with Afterpay

    Replaces the factory line and filter that is notoriously known for causing turbo failures.

    Replaces the factory line with a new oil filter line located in front of the engine to allow for the 15,000 oil feed line filter service intervals

  • Ford FG -FGX

    FG TBE (Throttle Body Elbow) Replacement Pipe Piping

    $ 149.90 $ 129.90

    or 4 payments of $ 32.48 with Afterpay

    Kit includes
    – Throttle body elbow
    – Required clamps
    – Silicon joiners to suit both 3″ and 2.75″ piping. (Both included)

  • Ford BA -BF

    BA-BF 4″ Turbo Side Intake & Passenger Tray Battery relocation

    $ 579.90 $ 499.90

    or 4 payments of $ 124.98 with Afterpay

    Kit includes the following

    – Quality CNC laser cut and powder coated air box. (Wont rust)

    – Stainless steel air intake pipe with breather hose attachment included

    – Plumb back engine breather hose and fitting

    – Quality 4ply Silicon joiner (Option for 4″ turbo inlet available)

    – Blow off valve blocker

    – Battery relocation tray

    – Thick Quality 2 B&S Battery cables

    – Battery Clamp

    – 4″ Large ANTZ high flowing pod filter

    Kit installed in 60 minutes on average

    Designed for high performance vehicles, great induction noise allowing the turbo ‘dose’ and spool many car enthusiasts are after.

  • Ford BA -BF

    Ford BA BF FG FGX Catch Can Race Kit (Braided Hose)

    $ 499.90 $ 399.90

    or 4 payments of $ 99.98 with Afterpay

    Kit includes:

    1 X AN8 Catch Can
    2 X Billet Rocker Cover Adapters for BA BF FG’s
    2 X Billet Hose Separators
    1 X Braided Hose Kit With Full Flow Fittings

  • Ford BA -BF

    Turbo Oil & Water Feed Twin Hanger Bracket

    $ 149.90 $ 99.90

    or 4 payments of $ 24.98 with Afterpay

    Secure the turbo oil and water feed lines from falling onto the drive belt.

    This bracket is mounted to the front of the BARRA motors.

    Comes with twin bracket holder for both oil and water lines.

    Painted in ripple black and laser etched logo.

  • Ford BA -BF


    $ 89.90 $ 69.90

    or 4 payments of $ 17.48 with Afterpay

    Made from premium 304 Stainless steel (not cheap mild steel)

    3M Double sided tape provided for secure fit.
    Dresh up your engine bay with our laser etched SS 304 ECU cover, polished for a mirror finish.

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