BA BF Dump pipe Hi-flow 100 cell Cat Down
BA BF Dump pipe Hi-flow 100 cell Cat Down
BA BF Dump pipe Hi-flow 100 cell Cat Down

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BA BF Dump pipe Hi-flow 100 cell Cat Down

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With the factory BA-BF turbo dump pipe and catalytic converter being one of the most restrictive components to the Ford Falcon BA  BF Turbo, this is a direct replacement high flow dump pipe kit ensured to eliminate a bottle neck to your exhaust setup. Direct replacement bolt on application and constructed from stainless steel, our kit retains the size diameter at the end to ensure it is compatible with the OEM factory cat back setup as well as many aftermarket cat backs that are advertised as compatible with the factory downpipe.

For any customer looking for more exhaust flow, these are a must have! Greatly enhance the exhaust note for your Ford Falcon while improving performance with our quality TIG wielded polished downpipes.

Benefits include:

Enhance horsepower gains Quicker turbocharge spool Enhanced throttle response. Reduce turbo back pressure. Enhance exhaust sound. Bolt on application. Suit all BA-BF Turbo Sedan and Ute models. Our 5″ catalytic converters are made from metal substrate not the inferior ceramic substrate.


Ford Falcon BA BF 4″ Dump / Downpipe.

Ford Falcon BA BF 4″-3.5″ Cat pipe with 100 CPSI catalytic converter.
Ford Falcon BA BF pipework to connect to factory cat back system.
Gaskets and hardware included.


Ford Falcon BA Turbo XR6 / F6

Ford Falcon BF Turbo XR6 / F6

Compatible with all Ford Falcon BA/BF Turbo Series (XR6/F6 – Sedan & Ute)